Golden Gate Bridge
more stuff will be coming,but at a much slower pace, I know it's been nearly three years since we got back, but there's still some content left.

first video is up: Off-road driving in Arches National Park
second video is up: Tail of the dragon
third video is up: Times Square
fourth video is up: Zion National Park
fifth video is up: Zion National Park Timelapse
sixth videos is up Everglades tour
seventh video is up ATV tour in valley of fire, nevada
eigth video is up Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
ninth video is up Driving Across Golden Gate Bridge Daytime
tenth video is up Driving Across Golden Gate Bridge Nighttime
eleventh video is up Tail of the Dragon part 2
twelth video is up The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada
thirteenth video is up Sequoia National Park, Tunnel Log
fourteenth video is up looping video from yosemite
all timelapses from the road have been uploaded

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it's finally possible to upload videos directly to the site and not use youtube, this will probably not be used all that much, but take a look at this video from yosemite which loops.

you can now view a "fullscreen" map with all our images/videos here
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Golden Gate Bridge
📅 2014-10-10 @ 14:28
📷 Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III (Canon) using a EF17-40mm f/4L USM @17mm (1/160 f/9 ISO: 100)
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